ScheduleMe Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how ScheduleMe handles information when using the services. ScheduleMe will not sell or provide user information for marketing or advertising purposes. When using the services, users are agreeing to allow ScheduleMe access to information as described by this Privacy Policy.

1. Personal Information Collection

ScheduleMe must collect and store certain pieces of personal information in order to schedule meetings. ScheduleMe only obtains information relating to whether a user or invitee is free or busy. Information is not taken, stored, or data mined with the following exception. Below is a description of information that is collected during the scheduling process along with how the information is used.

Stored Personal Information

Personal Information How information is used
First and Last Name Registration and facilitate meeting scheduling
Email Address Registration, scheduling meetings, and user discovery
Email Account Password* Registration, authentication, and retrieval of Free/Busy information
Availability Window Suggest meeting times within each user’s desired window of availability

*Only some calendar services (iCloud) require ScheduleMe to store the login credentials. When possible, ScheduleMe utilizes token OAuth Authentication which does not require us to store user passwords. OAuth is more secure, and we would prefer if Apple supported OAuth for iCloud, too. Trust us, we really don’t want to retain passwords if we don’t need to.

Temporary Information

ScheduleMe must temporarily collect pieces of personal information during the scheduling process. After a meeting is scheduled, we immediately discard the information. Below is a description of the temporary information required and how it is used.

Personal Information How information is used
Calendar Free/Busy Comparing availability to schedule meetings
Calendar Events Some calendar systems require the ScheduleMe solution to review events on your calendar and then determine free/busy times. ScheduleMe does not share or publish event details.

2. How We Protect Your Data

ScheduleMe strives to protect users’ personal information. When the ScheduleMe solution reviews a user’s free/ busy calendar information, all data in transit (transmitted from the user’s calendar service to the ScheduleMe service) is encrypted. In order to process the data ScheduleMe receives and display mutual availability, ScheduleMe must unencrypt this information temporarily. Once a meeting is scheduled, ScheduleMe immediately discards all temporary personal information, including all calendar and event information. Calendar and event details are not published or viewed. As quickly as a user finishes with ScheduleMe data is immediately deleted.